My name is Robyn. I make hats and give them away.
I’ve been housing heads since 2009, and I’d like you to join me!

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Let’s Talk Tour

One week from yesterday, my first book will be released into the wild. It still feels surreal to say that She Makes Hats is about to be available for folks to purchase, read, and then write horrid Amazon reviews for, and yet here we are. In a week I will have a book making its […]

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Working the C3F Stitch – A Photo Tutorial

I’ve been slowly updating many of my older hat patterns; I’m realizing just how much I didn’t know about pattern-writing back when I first wrote many of them down, so updating them is helping make them clearer and easier to use, plus it’s giving me the chance to update photos and correct silly mistakes made […]

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Out And About

There‚Äôs so much goodness happening around the Internet, I wanted to have a way to share some of it with you each week. Enjoy! Ravelry now offers a bundling option! Check out my first bundle, dedicated to charity hats (of course). Ysolda’s shared some tips for swatching in pattern. My gal Elise shares her thoughts […]

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